Display resolution below minimum system requirements?

Hi - what happens if my laptop display resolution (1366 x 768) is below the minimum system requirements of Cubase 10 (i.e., 1440 x 900). Will Windows 10 use scroll bars to make it fit, or is fundamentally incompatible with the display? Will it scale the window and some parts of the menu/mixer/transport not be viewable?

Thank you!

My experience (it seems to me with Cubase 9.5, never had the chance to try with C10 or 10.5) is that some windows (for example, the Audio Mixdown Export one) overflow off the screen, and you cannot access to the lower part of the window.

Thank you for the reply. Yes, I encounter that sometimes even with 7.5 running on my laptop.

I wonder if there’s a work-around? I think switching to windowed mode may allow the user to scroll up and down/left and right…?

The problem is not with the project windows or the mixer, as these can be put full screen and will adapt to whatever resolution you have, but can be a problem with some windows / editors. Quite a bit has changed from 7.5 (and even 9.5): some of those windows are now resizable and can be used on smaller screens.
e.g. the project synchronization setup was too big for such a resolution, now it fits - the Audio Export is now resizable with minimum height being around 630 px (but clicking some options automatically enlarges the window)

I’d advice to check for yourself using the 30 days trial: that way you can see if what you actually use is usable on that resolution. If a function you never use won’t fit, then it’s only virtually an issue, but if you have to struggle with that on a window you use 50 times a day, it becomes a nightmare.

There is no work-around, other than using the keyboard to confirm or navigate, the size is fixed: if one of those windows exceeds the screen-size, the content will be off-screen (most often the OK / Cancel buttons).

Thank you for taking the time to respond! Good advice with the trial, I’ll try that out.

Hi - interested to find this thread. I am looking to get Cubase Elements but my monitor only supports up to 1280 x 768 - would be interested to hear from others as to whether they’ve found this resolution adequate - what does work and what doesn’t work? I’m only an entry-level user (probably mainly using grid edit and maybe exploring a few other functions). Last time I used Cubase was over 20 years ago - would love to get back into it again!

Hey, reviving this old one, wondering if Cubase 11’s window dpi scaling might work on a 1366x768 resolution now?