Display source audio file / path for a clip?

Hey all - wondering if there’s a quick way to display information for an audio clip in a montage - particularly the source file name and location?

I know I can do an “export clip list as text” and then open that file to display the source file / path, but I imagine there must be an easier way for such a common task - right-clicking the clip would typically give clip info but not in Wavelab. What am I missing?


I use the “Files” tab for this. It will show you the file path for a given clip, its original name, and you can right click it to “Reveal In Finder”:

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Thanks Justin! Very helpful - the “Files” tab wasn’t displayed in my layout, just the “File Browser”, so didn’t even know it existed.

Interesting. I think for some reason it might not be included in the default factory layout, but I must have added it at some point to my default layout.

I have even assigned a shortcut for displaying it.