Display time signature at beginning of each line

How do I display the time signature at beginning of each stave in the same flow? I can’t for the life of me find an option to this and internet and the manual search have yielded nothing. Thanks

Engraving Options > Clefs

Edit: Sorry, I read too fast.

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Thanks. That puts the TAB name on each Stave but not the time signature.

‘shift-m [time sig] enter’ should do it. No?

If you use shift-m with alt-enter, it will create a local time signature for just one staff.

If you can’t see them check the properties panel, perhaps ‘hide time signature’ is selected?

Can’t work out how to do this. I don’t want cautionary time signatures at the end of the previous bar.

Hi there

Can you explain a bit more about what you’re looking for? And perhaps attach a picture?

It’s hard to do this in Dorico because it’s highly non-standard in normal music, so I expect you’re doing something other than engraving a composition.


The official answer is probably that if every system is a separate chunk of music, you should be using separate flows. Flow Headings can easily be turned off if necessary.

You can cheat what you want within a single flow by using a series of codas. See Hide anticipatory key signature at end of line? - #2 by dankreider for instance.

Thanks. I thought that was probably the case!