Display timeline in two parts with vertical separation

Hi guys !
I’ve been searching for this feature and I don’t think that it’s currently possible in Cubase 9.5, so I post it here.

I’ve got a big orchestral template, with little midi events at bar 0 that defines some CCs, and tell Vienna Ensemble Pro to enable or disable the instrument (triggered from my Ipad: Red = disabled, green = enabled).

image: http://hpics.li/da4353f

It works perfectly, but when I’m working on a big session, like at bar 100 for exemple, I have to scroll all the way to the beginning to see which instruments are enabled or disabled.

image: http://hpics.li/f3b9766

So the feature would be to be able to split the timeline in 2 parts, with like a small part on the left of 2 bars showing theses small midi events, and on the right the big space with all the music, so when I change the zoom settings on the “main” timeline, the mini timeline on the left is always there.

Exactly the same as the vertical split for the tracks, where drag and drop tracks to the top so they always are displayed when scrolling down.

I hope that I was clear enough !

Have a nice day and happy new year ! :slight_smile: