Display track phase in mixer? Pro 8.5

Hi, this is catching me out. Cubase 8.5 Pro

I have a rather large project (125 audio tracks). I am discovering some duplicated tracks and am switching phase of one of each pair to see if they null.
Need to check these channels.jpg
As there are so many options to cross-check I want to display the track phase switch in the mixer rather than the editor. Anyone know how to do this?



Open Pre section of MixConsole, here you can find the Phase switcher.

Aah! I had it hidden from view, thanks Martin.

Ahh too late, even made a .gif

Well peakae, you get extra brownie points for going to the trouble. Think of it as a legacy for future generations of Cubasers.

I don’t know whether I had hidden the pre-section or if it’s like that by default, but it certainly speeds up the job of comparing channels. Very handy for live drums or any multi mic recording set up where switching phase can be very important. It’s better handled in the mixer page than on the individual editors.

Thanks both.