Display transpose of chords from chord track

Display transpose of chords in the score editor has an obvious bug:

The D7 chord (marked in red in the attached screen shots) without display transposition is transposed to a C7 chord with display transposition by -5. All other chords are correct. Please find attached 2 screen shots. One with activated and one with deactivated display transpose (transpose value: -5).

The chords were included into the score from a recorded chord track.
Recalculating the display does not correct the problem.
As workaround I found the following solution: open the buggy chord in the chord track in the chord editor and just click on one of the already chosen chord setting. Close the chord editor and re-open the score editor. The chord is transposed correctly now.

My system:
Win 7 64bit Home
Cubase Pro 8.0.5

Well, though score editing seems not to be the highest priority in Cubase such a bug should be repaired. If required I can provide the respective Cubase project file.

best regards

Did you verify that the D7 chord is a chord track chord and not a Score-only chord?

Yes. It’s denoted as D7 in the chord track.

Well, there have been some weirdnesses in regard to chord display… but can you isolate the steps to reproduce it? That’s the hard part with intermittent problems.

I’m afraid, I don’t want to spend too much time on reproducing it.
As I’m doing software programming in other applications I can imagine, that a developer of Cubase should be able to trace the problem by taking my corrupted project file opening it in a debugger version of Cubase, analysing the data structure and what happens to it during the display transpose action.
Though you can’t identify where the error is initiated but you can at least find the error in the data structure.

Another idea to help solve such issues is to utilize the undo sequence to trace back to the root cause. So if I could send the project including the undo sequence to a developer he would be able to trace back and forth the single steps that led to the error. Well, probably the undo feature would have to be more complete than it is right now. What do you think?

zip it and attach it to this thread.

Here it goes. I removed the audio tracks.
Cubase bug report 2015-02-24.zip (522 KB)
You find the bug in bar 18 of the score (=bar 19 in project bars), also in bar 34, and bar 72.
These 3 chords were not created by copy and paste, but they were played by midi in realtime.
The bug can be found in the track “Melodie” as well as in “Ensemble strings”.

For information’s- sake you created these chords by using the Create Chord Symbols function in the Project menu?

And are there other chords that were also created using the same method, but which are displaying correctly?

I created the chords by the method named “Recording Chord Events with a MIDI Keyboard” on page 832 of the Operation_Manual.pdf (creation date Nov 6th 2014):

  1. I activated “Monitor” on the instrument track 4 “HALion Sonic SE 032”.
  2. I activated “Record” on the chord track “Akkordspur”.
  3. Then I activated “record” on the transport panel and played the chords on my MIDI Keyboard.

Most of the chords were recorded in this way. As I played some mistakes I corrected some of the chords manually with the chord editor. Well, I suppose it is very unprobable that it was only allways the D7 that I had to correct, but I do not remember in detail. The 3 D7 chords are the only chords that show the bug though all others have been created with the same method.

Well, I found some further chords that are not transposed -5:
e in bar 15 → c
C in bar 65 is not transposed at all → C
Dsus2/7 in bar 74 → Csus2/7

It seems, that all wrong transposed chords result in a C chord !
Maybe the root note information is somehow missing after transpose.

Hi Steve,
can you please report whether this issue has been fixed in the version 8.5?
I would really appreciate a bug fix list for new versions.

I just had a look/listen to the project you sent back then and the chords are transposed correctly in the Score Editor of C8.5.10. Ideally though you should try the trial version of 8.5 to double check. But it looks good.