Greetings, I a new user of SpectraLayers Pro 7. I briefly used SpectraLayers 2 when it was a SCS (Sony) product, but I never did use it much and pretty much forgot most of what I had leaned of the UI, which as likely somewhat different
Is there a setting to make the outline of the tool easier to see, for instance, the Eraser tool (round or square) is difficult to see with my aging eyesight against the black timeline background. Thanks and I am happy to be here… but I am happy to be anywhere for that matter.

btw I am a moderator on Magix’s Sound Forge forum.

Hi rraud, welcome back to SpectraLayers then :slight_smile:

Yes, go to the settings (Edit > Preferences), then click the Interface tab, and set the Drawing color to plain white. It should become easier to spot.

Thanks Robin, I will try that.
While I have your attention, is there a Transport ‘Pause’ anywhere on the UI or a keyboard shortcut. For instance in Sound Forge, the spacebar is Start/Stop (just like SpectraLayers) but the ‘Enter’ key is Pause/Play. would there a similar command, or can a keyboard shortcut be created.
Thanks again

Yes, it’s actually the same key (spacebar), but you have to go to the Transport menu, and uncheck “Return to Start on Stop”.
If you want to always have this behavior, you can go to the settings (Edit > Preferences), “Interface” tab, and uncheck “Return to Start on Stop”.

Thank-you again Robin.