Displaying an instrument group name

Dear Dorico users
I’d like to know how to give a group name to a group of instrumental players or singers.
I see that things like Piano or Choir Reduction share one name for the two staves. But an S.A.T.B ensemble on four lines doesn’t.
Is it possible to rename an SATB ensemble as CHORUS?
Or is there a way to have a vertical CHORUS name to the left with the SATB staff names to the right?
I had no trouble finding out how to rename percussion groups, but I’m failing to find it for instrumental groups, either by online search or in the manual.
Can someone pls point me to a page which explains it?

Unless you set up your choir as a single section player with divisi, I can’t think of a good way of doing this.

Thanks, Leo. I’ll remember that option for the future.