Displaying midi messages

Hi, there is a feature in Logic which is super helpful…in the transport window, it displays midi messages coming into the sequencer. So, for example, if I play note C3, it shows “C3”. If I move midi cc#11 to value 127, it shows “11 127”, etc. This is very helpful in a number of scenarios, particularly when dealing with lemur templates, etc. Is there a way to display these input values in Cubase? Mind you, I don’t mean the midi list, I mean monitoring incoming midi input in real time.

Cubase Artist and Pro come with the MIDI Monitor plugin. Check the MIDI inserts.

Thanks, that works pretty well. Is there any way to see the data globally instead of per track?

Create a new MIDI track and set the track’s MIDI channel to Any and the MIDI Input to All MIDI Inputs. This will allow you see all MIDI data that’s currently being sent to Cubase in real time.