Displaying MIDI Note Numbers In Editors


Is there a way to display the MIDI note number when viewing events in the List Editor or Key Editor or Drum Editor? It seems like the only way to display a ‘pitch’ is with, say C1… but sometimes it would be more convenient to see the number 40… or whatever it is.




Preferences > Event Display > MIDI > Note name style



Pointless note to Steinberg. Man, the search in the manual continues to be -awful-.


That’s why I look up key terms in the Index. :wink:

You guys are gonna kick yourselves. Did you know Preferences has its own, unique manual that’s not part of the standard documentation?
Click the “?” at the bottom right of the Preferences pane to open:

yeah, the pref help HTML thinge rocks! just read it and you’ve learned a lot. it’s even written for humans! :sunglasses:

Now it’s

Preferences > Event Display >Chords >Naming Format

I don’t understand why the change and it doesn’t seem logical to me. Plus I was reading this over and over and looking for something that wasn’t there.

It isn’t logical. I always sound like a crank, but… I sincerely believe this is a Germanic thing–they just -have- to do things a little ‘different’. And they change things periodically, apparently just for the heckuva it.

Is this still there in C8? I don’t see it.

I noticed the other day it seems to be gone? WHY ??? :unamused:

The non-rhetorical, pointless, software-dev answer? Because it’s another pesky item to have to manage in a humongous software project. That’s why documentation almost always SUCKS in companies outside of manufacturing. It’s a total pain. Devs like to spend 99% of their time on CODE. Documentation? Afterthought.

Which is why I SCREAM so much about a self-evident and SIMPLE UX. The smart way to write software? Make it simple enough that it basically doesn’t NEED docs. Unfortunately, that is a complete PITA for legacy programs like Cubase. But that’s where most of the things people dislike about Cubase lie… Stuff happens and you go WHY? WHERE? But because it’s some little dealie that one only encounters every 3 months, you spend an hour solving it, then forget it. Until next time.

Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, saw the movie … :laughing:
Totally :unamused:

It’s now in prefs (8.0.20) under under Chords>Pitch notation. Weird place for it.

Agreed. Weird. Probably not many people use it but I find it very helpful with the Logical Editor which does not use conventional note names.

Any updated advice for Cubase 10? I would like C-2 was C0