Displaying notes in Flats rather than Sharps?

Hi, I’m just getting my feet wet in Cubase Pro 8 and really digging it, but I’m stuck.

I’ve looked and hunted in the documentation and can’t seem to find how to make my notes display as Flats rather than Sharps,

I’d rather see the Circle of Fifths in Flats – F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, same for the Chord Pads and for Chords entered with the Key Editor’s wonderful Chord Entry feature. For example, if I enter C7 with the Key Editor, Cubase displays, C, E, G, A#, but should show, C, E, G, Bb (B flat) There’s gotta be a setting I’m missing to display notes as Flats rather than Sharps? I can’t find it! :blush:

Thankfully, on the Chord Track, I get Bb7 and not A#7 and Eb7 and not D#7 and so on, so that’s good, but for the Chord Assistant, the Chord Pads, and the Root Note for the a project’s Transpose Track, I’m seeing only Sharp named notes – F#, C#, G#, D#, A# And I can’t see how to set a Root Note for a Transpose Track to Bb, but only to A#.

Any help on this, greatly appreciated.

I found this thread on this subject here:

Ability to display both sharps & flats in key editor

(Edit) The above thread seemed to where discussion of this important topic is being taken up by some of the Forum’s more experienced Cubase users.

Good to know:)

Edit: lol, it wasnt a solution:p

Sorry, no, no solution there but it seemed to be a central place where some more experienced users are discussing the same topic.