Displaying parameter values coming back from Cubase on my midi-remote device

So I’ve been using Bonne Midi Translator to get an Icon Platform Nano to transmit button behaviour the way I want it to perform. All is working well so far.

I’ve assigned two buttons to step through tracks and I’m getting the motorised faders to snap to correct levels. I’ve also set up the four floating rotary knobs to control the EQ (Vpot 1 = gain, push is on/off,. Vpot 2 = Freq, push = Q) and works a charm. Great!

What I’d like to do now is read the track’s pan and level, then send that back to the Nano. To avoid getting caught in the Mackie 8 channel grouping, I’d like to send the current track pan and level on Midi channel 1 and always keep the Mackie controller looking at channel 1 (by not using the buttons on the Nano ).

Not knowing Javascript, what would be the code I could insert into the saved Cubase Midi Remote script to pass that through?


If I can get my head around that code, it’d be good to transmit the time code and channel text names as well, again on Midi channel 1.


Did you write a script or did you use the GUI in Cubase, please?

I’ve used the GUI in Cubase. And am using Bonne Midi Translator as the in and out to pass through to the Nano.

I’ve been looking at the script the GUI in Cubase produces in an editor and am wondering if I can add some lines of code to get the extra transmit data.


Set the type to Jump, please.

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand. The Fader is already set to Jump to get the motorised part to work. I’d like to get the VU lights on the Nano to work with the level Aftertouch data Mackie uses to pass through volume levels. But only on Midi channel 1 for the current Cubase track, thus avoiding the Bank of 8 problem.

I’m afraid you can’t add JavaScript to MIDI Remote done in the surface editor. You would have to pick one or the other.


I’m afraid you would need to go the scripting way for this specific request.

You can combine the JavaScript and the MIDI Remote Assistant in case you start from the script side.

So you can’t add script to a GUI script, even though the GUI method produces a script?

I would not want to edit the final thing in the GUI.


Are you sure? Does it produce *.js file? Or what do you mean by the script, please?

It produces a .json file. I’m now assuming that adding to that is not possible?


*.json file is not a script. It’s just a data file, something like *.XML file type.

Right. Got you. Ok, thank you for your patience with me. Looks like I’m going to have to learn Javascript to do this.