displaying region start/end as one event

after 20 years with soundforge ive found it cannot do everything i need and i am trying out wavelab one month to see if i can get to like it.
first ofc im trying to set it up to be as much as SF as possible :laughing:
is there a way to make markers for region start/end be displayed as one event in the regions list?
im working alot with regions and the list quickly gets diffcult to overview if everything is doubled up…

Somehow. On the picture you can see the start and end markers on 2 lines.
But the first line also show the region length.
2015-11-09 22_26_25.png

The region lists and playlists in Soundforge do look pretty handy. I never use region markers in Wavelab because I find that CD markers can do pretty much everything regions can (for my needs), and they appear in the CD tab as you would want the regions to appear. And they’re easily created with the CD Wizard. You might try CD markers as an alternative depending on what your needs are.

btw what is it that Soundforge can’t do, that you need?

It all depends what you’re trying to do, but CD track splice markers (as opposed to track end following by track start marker) show up fairly compact in the marker tab view.

I pretty much never use separate end/start markers anymore for normal album mastering.

thanks for your replys.

@pg yes thats what it look like here

@bob99 i need to batch process lots of samples through external gear. right now im leaning towards doing some hard work during the evaluation period and then go back so sf. i havent yet figured out how but i suppose it cant be that hard.