Displaying string numbers

I cannot seem to locate a method for adding string numbers (number in a circle or square) for fretted instruments such as guitar. They are critical for assembling left hand shapes in instruments such as classical guitar. I have searched under string numbers, left and right hand choices, and everything else I can think of. They have to be in there somewhere!

Try searching for “string indicators” or “string fingering”.

It’s at the extreme right of the bottom properties panel (String Indicators).

For an introduction to how string indicators work in Dorico, see here - this chapter in the Notation reference should contain all the necessary information.

Links to how to add the different types are linked at the bottom of that page, but also here for string indicators outside the staff (with a dashed line if necessary) and here for inside the staff.

Thanks for all the replies: My problems were, I couldn’t find that little instruction on string indicators, tucked away in that far corner, plus I didn’t realize it was a two-step process to actually display the result I wanted. I’ve often had difficulties with Dorico processes, as I’ve found that the background theory is explained in great detail, as well as subsequent ‘variations on a theme’, but the actual method of displaying it is tucked away somewhere in a separate universe. All good now, though, and thanks everybody for your help.

The manual is made up of lots of separate topics, which we have now added an introductory page to describe. You should find that pages that talk about what something is or are similarly descriptive have links to steps to follow to do various things at the bottom of the page. If not, you can always search the manual with a relevant verb, like “inputting” or “adding”.