Dissatisfied with 32 bit plugin handling in 64 bit mode

This topic has probably already been posted several times, but I couldn’t get the search engine to cooperate with what I was looking for so I’m sticking it out there again. Basically I am dissatisfied with the way Cubase 6 handles 32 bit plugins when running in 64 bit mode. The plugin works through using the ‘launcher’ interface, but it’s frozen in the center of my main monitor and cannot be moved until I click off it, in which case it totally disappears and I have to click on the little ‘launcher’ window to get it to come back again. Also some plugins do sometimes lose some functionality, for example the ability to drag midi files into the Cubase track window from the ‘Addictive Drums’ plugin doesn’t seem to work in this mode. It does work when Cubase 6 is running in 32 bit mode. I am also a Logic user and I have no problems with the same thing there - after launching the 32 bit plugin with Logic running in 64 bit mode, it still lets me move the plugin interface around on my monitors and it stays visible. I can get by with running Cubase in 32-bit mode, but I have 10 gigs of ram on my Mac Pro and it would be nice to access as much of that memory as possible, especially with memory hogs like the ‘Electri6ity’ guitar plugin. I really wish that Steinberg would find some way to improve this to handle it in the same way that Logic does. Otherwise I am very happy with Curbase 6.

The best bet is to try jBridge (google it) and hope for the plug-in developer to release a 64 bit version.
I don’t think Steinberg will spend too much time trying to perfect the bridge because it is really just meant to be a “hotfix” to ease the transition to 64 bit.


IMHO, you shouldn’t be bugging Steinberg regarding this, you should be getting on to the plugin devs to pull their fingers out. Every penny/cent Steinberg spend bridging 32bit plugs is a penny/cent wasted, all that work will be thrown away eventually. Apple have warned AU devs that their bridge will be discontinued ( http://www.imagedoll.com/show.php/52404_au-64.jpg.html ). I wouldn’t be surprised if Steinberg are itching to do the same.

I’d rather Steinberg spent their time and money on something else.

As I don’t really need the extra ram (I record mostly real instruments), I’ve stuck with 32bit and probably won’t move until either everything I use has ported or I’m forced to, thereby avoiding all the problems.


one more here, bridge is a bad job, steinberg. overall else - C6 is much better experience than i had on version 2 and 3.

MarkE is right - it’s up to the third party plugin vendors to get their asses together and start putting out 64-bit versions of their stuff. 64-bit is the future but it seems to be taking forever for us to fully get there. But that also includes Steinberg because I forgot to mention that two great synths of theirs, Embracer and Monologue, don’t even show up in the synth list when adding an instrument track in Cubase 64 bit mode. You have to be in 32 bit mode to use those guys.

I appreciate everyone’s comments and suggestions on this.

James H.