Dissolve Part Midi drum Track no PAN

After I did a “Dissolve Part” Midi drum Track to split the drumsounds (from Groove Agent SE4) into seperate tracks,
i cannot adjust the PAN and Volume and effects for the tracks seperately.
When i try to PAN the track with for example the Hihat, the hole drum track wil be Panned.
So… not only the hihat but also the bassdrum and the snare.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

The Quick start video 7 in the steinberg HUB tells that it is very easy to
split the seperate drumsounds into dedicated tracks where the panning
and effects can be done for each drumsound without affecting the other drum tracks(sounds).

I use Cubase 7.5.40 (build 315) 64bit

Depends on what’s making the sound. Not sure how they do it inside drum programs but like in a midi sound module pan is channel information so the whole channel is panned. You would have to have separate channels for tracks you want to have their own pan information.

Are you sending it to Groove Agent to hear it?


If you Pan it via MIDI Controller 10, then this is an expected behavior. All controllers affect all data on the Channel. So if all of your drum sounds are at MIDI Channel 10, you will control them at once, by the MIDI controllers. Same for Volume (MIDI CC7), and all other CCs.

First…, thank you for your reply!

To Tacman7:
Yes, i am sending it to Groove Agent SE.

To Martin.Jirsak and Tacman7:
So if i get this right, each drumsound needs its own midi channel? for independend adjustments.

Can you tell me how to set the midichannels for the drumsounds independently?
I assume i need to do this from within Groove Agent SE?..but where? :slight_smile:


I use mdrummer and it’s easy to control all the parameters of each drum separately within the program:


I’m not up on Groove Agent but it should have something similar.

Lot of people like to have their drums on separate tracks, I don’t. I think they just put different channels for different tracks and send it to a multi-timbral software or hardware synth.

Yes, you can controll all the parameters within the Groove Agent, of course.

Can someone also tell me where i can set the midi chanels for each drum sound within Groove Agent SE4?

I don’t think Groove Agent is multi-timbral.

Thanks for the help people! i figured it out myself.

For dissolving drumparts from groove Agent one or Groove Agent SE4 to
have the option for independent adjustments for PAN, volume and effects per
instrument: Bassdrum, Hihat, Snare and so on.

This is my “workflow” to test this.

1- Open Steinberg HUB > Choose “Empty”
2- Go to Devices and VST Instruments.
3- Click in Track instruments and Choose “Groove Agent One”.
(a dialogbox asks you if you want to create a MIDI track, don’t and click CANCEL).
4- Now you see “Groove Agent One” load a preset, in my case its “Vinyl Kit”.
5- Test if you hear a sound by clicking on the pads.
(If you hear a sound then proceed, if not solve this problem first).
6- Close the Groove Agent One screen.
7- Go to menu item “project” and add an Intrument track.
8- Choose “Groove Agent One” as your instrument.
9- Click “Add Track”.
10- Make the track visibility part a little larger, there is an emty dropdownfield
called “Programs / Bank + Patch” when you point over your mouse.
Click and choose “Vinyl Kit”.
11- Go to “MIDI Inserts” and choose “Beat Designer”.
12- In Beat Designer load preset “Vynil Groove 130”
13- Click on play in the transport field, if you hear a groove everything is fine.
14- You can drag the groove from the piano keyboard from Beat Designer to the
instrument track youve just made.
15- switch of Beat Designer in the MIDI inserts menu.
16- Click play in the transport, if you still hear the groove everything is OK
(Ensure you have turned Beat Designer off, otherwise you hear the groove in the instrument
track simmultanously with Beat Designer, you only want to hear the groove you just put into
the Instrument track.
17- select the groove from the Instrument track and go to Menu iten “MIDI” and click “Dissolve Part”
18- Cubase has created a track for each drum instrument wich you can independently adjust the PAN,
Volume, Effects, All those tracks are also automatic added into the mixer.