Distance between cleff and beginning of new staff / instrument change

There are some option to change the space between the start of a new staff style (after instrument change) and the clef ?

Here there is an example. I would like keep one line staff in the yellow space.

I also ahave some similar problen those cases

You should be able to make this adjustment in Engrave mode using the note spacing tool, but there aren’t any specific engraving options that would affect only this situation.

The kind of edit I have in mind would be to expand the space between the eighth rest and the following rhythmic position, then adjust the circular handle for the rest to move it to the right.

Hi Daniel,
sorry for replying so late,

Thanks for the tip.
It works but I have to change staff style very often (sometimes twice for bar) and I still can’t figure out how to solve other collision issues, like the black note after the custom clef that appear in the five line staff, I can’t move the item as before because, if I understand correctly, I cant move clefs in engrave mode.




In all fairness, this notation is not so common that it would be perfected early in the development of a program like Dorico. Work-arounds (not to mention difficulties) are probably to be expected when using innovative notation.

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I totally agree with you.
I use workaround most of the times and in my point of view Dorico works better than other sooftware also for alternaive notation.

I just cant figure out how to work-around with this specific issue and I ask for some tips!
Anyway I find that and handle on clefs in note spacing (or at the beginning of the new staff stile) would solve very easily this and a lot of other issues.