Distance between notes

Hi, can someone explain to me where the differences are between these 3 pages, where the first one has 6 bars, while the others have 3.
Same layout, same distances between notes, in short, all the same, but different in something, but what?

Thank you

On the first page the lyrics are homophon.
On the other pages it’s not, and there are most of the time three letters/eight.

The notation on the first page is dense, if there is less text. Bar 12 is rather broad, but still has often only one or two letters/eight.

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You’re sure there’s no breaks?

Certamente, fanno parte dello stesso brano.

Thank you

Also, since pages 2–3 do look more widely spaced than necessary: Is there more music after that 3rd page? Or possibly a system break at bar 20? Dorico tries to space more than just the last system evenly.

Come sempre, il documento stesso è più utile per scoprire…

You can change the minimum values for the spaces in the Engraving Options:

Shift + Command/Ctrl + E → Lyrics

Maybe for your example:
“minimum space to allow for hyphen”
“minimum gap between adjacent lyrics”

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