Distinct originals from shared copies

is there any way to make a visual distinction between original region (audio or midi) and it’s repeated, shared copies?
I very recently converted from Logic to Cubase and can’t find an option to distinct the copies from the originals visually, which would be very helpful not to loose overview in an arrangement.
Thanx very much for any hint!

I like that idea. I don’t do that much, but that would make a lot of sense.

Colour the different parts before copying

when i color the original before copying, then shared copies have the same color.
Instead they should be dimmed, or lighter, or just in whatever way different.
Is there an option to do this?

No I dont think so, I was suggesting that you change the colour on the shared copy before duplicating it further.

Oh okay, that’s a workaround at least. Still it would be easier if shared copies appeared dimmed right away. I#ll file a feature request. Thanx for your help.

It has been 10 years since the question has been asked, so maybe there are now ways to differentiate originals from shared copies!
Is that the case?
Otherwise coloring them will still work.