Distorted playback after exporting to desk top

Please Help!!
This is the first time this has happened. Track sounds great but when I export to desk top it’s all distorted. I tried raising my buffer from 256 to 2048 but nothing. All static. I use a focus rite 2i w/ an IMac , thank you

If you look at the exported file in a waveform editor (e.g. Wavelab, Sample Editor in Cubase etc.) is the wave clipping? Depending on your setup & how you are routing your audio signal it’s possible that what you are listening to in Cubase isn’t the same signal as what you are exporting.

For example maybe your Stereo Out (probably what you are exporting) is being maxed out. Cubase has a bunch of internal headroom so this wouldn’t necessarily distort internal to Cubase. Then if you are listening via the Control Room and have that volume control set to zero (i.e. just passing through the Stereo Out signal) you’d hear a distorted signal because once it goes out of Cubase the signal would be going above 0 dB into your audio interface. But if your Control Room volume is turned down so that what is going to your audio interface isn’t hitting 0 dB then what you’d hear might not sound distorted - even though what you are exporting via the Stereo Out is too hot.