Distorted playback of clean tracks

I’m getting distorted, slower playback when playing back tracks recorded in Cubase 10 LE with a Zoom H6 on a MacBook Pro.

All tracks were recorded with good levels. I switch to just the MBP built-in speakers for playback (after detaching the H6). Once I do that, I’m getting distortion in playback. Also, the project plays back slower than it was recorded.

I’ve check the exported WAV files and they’re clean. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Sounds mostly like a samplerate mismatch.

I just tried to export my original files as 48/16-bit and import them into a new mastering project as the same. The issue happens (distortion, slowed playback).

Are there other steps to try and resolve sampling mismatches?

So I think I found my issue: apparently the source was recorded 44.1 @ 24-bit. I fiddled around with the settings in the project and my issue seems to have been resolved. (No idea how, but it is).