Distorted sound in Cubase AI 5 through Steinberg CI2

Hi all. I’ve recently purchased a Steinberg CI2 with Cubase AI 5 and have a problem when recording sound. I have been able to record some sound that plays back clearly but at other times the recording is quieter and badly distorted when I listen to it. The condenser mic sadly took a bit of a bash (and now has a dent in it) but I don’t think that is the issue because as I’m recording the sound quality is fine through the headphones. I’m using a bit of an old laptop so that may be where the problem lies but I don’t want to splash out on a new machine if it isn’t. Any help that anyone can give would be appreciated!

Are the peak indicators flashing red, or is your software showing that you are clipping?

Hi Bane, thanks for your reply! It turned out to be my computer’s wireless that was interfering with the signal. Since disabling the wireless on the lap top I haven’t had any problems.

Yep, I’ve done the same on my Vista to fix dropouts. Now I only have internet on my XP. :neutral_face: