distortion in wavelab

i have exported an audio file from cubase and it sounds normal
when i play it in Wavelab its distorted
if i process it ‘blind’ in Wavelab the new rendered file is OK too

Anyone know whats causing wavelab to distort.


What format are you exporting to in Cubase? What kind of distortion are you hearing?

Do you mean the audio file sounds distorted during playback in Wavelab but the meters don’t show any clipping? Or do you mean that the meters are clipping in Wavelab and the audio sounds distorted?

It’s probably to do with the playback path. Is the audio routed out of Wavelab through the exact same output path as that used by Cubase?

Also, check all of the slots in your master section, particularly the post-fader ones on the bottom (playback as Stingray says!)… maybe something is amiss there?

I’ll check all the slots again later. I couldn’t see anything last time.
the meters do show clipping.
I use Zoom H4n as an interface for Cubase and Wavelab and the levels are high on that too
I’m pretty sure there’s something in that chain but I can’t see what it is yet.

Are you hearing distortion or are you just seeing red light clipping? True peak metering in Wavelab and Zoom, not in Cubase? Different meter clipping thresholds? I think there’re too many standards for displaying clipping these days - true peak, 1,2,3, 4 consecutive sample “clipping” thresholds? at exactly what level within a thousandth?, etc., shows “clipping” on this meter or analysis, not on that meter or analysis, etc.

Don’t know if that’s the issue here, but it could be if it’s not audible distortion.

edit: although you do say in your first post, the export sounds normal. I’m just a little unclear if you mean it sounds normal when you load it back to Cubase to play it or some other program. Sorry, also don’t understand what you mean “process blind” in Wavelab.

Interesting stingray. Was there no resolution to the problem?

If you are referring to the second thread, see the end. The OP says thanks at the end so presumably the issue was resolved.

Thanks stingray. I think your post just before that last one covers nearly everything important to check.

Always make sure there isn’t something clipping. Your bit depth and resolution of the exported file should match your Wavelab session.

Hi bob99
if i play back the wav exported from cubase straight off the disk it sounds fine
by ‘render blind’ i mean if i just press the render button then play the new rendered wav file off the disk - that sounds OK too.
but i can’t do any mastering tweaking because wavelab payback is distorted.
I guess that sounds like there is something on my audio output that is wrong.
cubase output - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4516765/DarkFunk-rm03.wav
wavelab rendered - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4516765/DarkFunk-rm03-m.wav
both of the above sound clear

PS just swapped output from my Zoom H4N audio interface for the build in audio and there is no distortion!
so somethimg in H4 config.
H4 is just connected to my mac all the time and works fine in Cubase