Distortion playing technique with an amp sim

I’m trying to make an electric guitar instrument using a kontact patch where I can using the distortion/clean playing techniques. The patch doesn’t have keyswitches, for distortion or clean so I’m using an amp sim in the track’s midi channel. Is it possible to control the amp sim using the playing technique?

My current work around is making the two playing techniques different instruments within the one player and then switching instruments when it goes from clean to distorted. It’s a bit clunky though

Yes, it’s possible.

  1. You need a Playback Technique that you can use in the Expression Map to trigger the amp. (From memory, there are already one each for Distortion and Clean.
  2. You need a Playing Technique that triggers the Playback Technique. You can customise how this appears in the score.

I use the same VST but with two different factory patches as I couldn’t figure out how to duplicate the settings from the “dist.” patch to the “clean” patch. I use Absolute Channel Changes to go between 1 and 2 so that it’s just one Instrument in the Player.

And just yesterday, I changed the Channel Change to Relative rather than Absolute. This is because I wanted to add a second guitarist with the same instrument. So, now I have the two guitar patches twice: channels 1 and 2, and also on 3 and 4.

The first guitarist’s guitar is set to Channel 1 and the second’s is set to Channel
3, and they can share the same Expression Map.

Can I make the is part of a playback template?

Sure! I have.

I even tested it by reapplying my custom Playback Template and it loaded everything perfectly. I also save my Kontakt multi just in case karma was to come back and hurt me.

I"m a bit lost, can I use an insert effect to achieve this? Or is there a way to load a VST effect (an amp directly after the sample player?

I’ve managed set up keyswitches to control the guitar sampler instrument but I can’t figure out how to make the technic ‘distortion’ effect my insert effects.

Playing Techniques cannot influence insert effects in Dorico’s mixer, this would be automation which is not yet supported.

You need to have the amp sim inside your VST instrument to begin with.