Distortion with one specific Kontakt vst instrument

Hi !
I recently purchased the Insolidus Choir by 8dio, but I’m getting a distorted sound that happens only with this instrument. All my other Kontakt instruments are working just fine.
I already tried to change the Buffer Size to the maximum with no success and I can’t find any other solution that works with me !
Could it be my computer or the instrument itself ? Should I redownload it ?
Any ideas ?
Here is an example of what it sounds like :

Thanks a lot for your help !

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Is the sound really distorter? Even if you export it?

My expectation is, your ASIO Buffer Size is at its limit. Please, try to increase it.

Thanks a lot for your quick response !
The sound is still distorted after I export it.
I tried to increase the Buffer Size to 100 milliseconds in the control panel but it didn’t fix the problem.


Then what happens if you just decrease the Fader Volume, please?

I tried decreasing the faders in the mixconsole and the volume bar on the upper right of the instrument but it still sounds bad unfortunately !

Can you provide a short sample of the problematic sound?
Maybe something in Kontakt is behaving strange… happens once in a while.

I would love to but it seems like sharing links is not allowed here. I can’t upload a file either since it’s considered a link too.

That is only for new users, it will change over time…

Have a look…

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I have modified @Erans2’s profile, you can upload now.

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Thanks to Steve I can now upload files so I uploaded it on my first post !

I can’t hear distortion.
Maybe you have a double routing that leads to very high levels?

I’m not sure I should use the word “Distortion”. It’s more like the quality and the softness of the sound is nowhere as good. If you could please listen to the musics presented on the website here : Insolidus Choir - 8Dio Emotional Soft Choir for Kontakt VST/AU/AAX – 8dio.com
To me this is litterally the best sounding choir I’ve ever heard, but when I use the instrument itself it sounds like a cheap choir.

Also what do you mean by “double routing” and “very high levels” ? I am not familiar at all with these terms !

Is not relevant with your last explanation…

There’s no distortion at all on your file, maybe it’s the velocity or mod wheel that is too high, which makes the choir sound not as soft as you would expect.

If I refer to the product page there’s a plethora of articulations and mic sources, so, you probably have to find the right presets and settings to make it sound like in the previews.

Really, I think this is more of a question for 8dio, they will likely know what patch it is, and maybe offer you some more help getting started.

After making some tests I think it’s about the settings as you suggested, it seems like most of the previews use settings that are not the default ones. Some microphone positions sound way better than others, so using the right ones pretty much fixed my problem !
Thanks for your answer :slightly_smiling_face: