Distributing Presets with Samples

I really hope I’m missing something simple, I emailed support a few months ago and didn’t get a reply, so I hope someone here can help. I want to release 3rd party content but it seems to me that there is no way of simply exporting and distributing due to the samples seemingly having hard coded absolute paths, and so if they are in a different location at the other machine they are not found…

Any help appreciated, something like this should be simple to do with relative paths, and may explain the lack of 3rd party libraries?

You’ll need to use a vstsound container, it’s not so well documented in the manual but have a look and it should be fairly self-evident. Key is to export the vstsound container and then resave the presets but PM me if you get stuck.

Thanks for that, I did see something about it in the German part of the manual although nothing in the English section. Guess I need to translate. Thanks for the offer, I may just take you up on that :slight_smile:

in the program tab (on the right) right clic on the program name you made (or load) & choose : “export program as VST3 prese with samples”

Nice suggestion of Home studio 87. However, if you want to kind of protect your samples and keep them organized at the same time, you can all stick them in one big file *.vstpreset , I think this is waht you are looking for right?
I’m not going into details, but, in the slot rack, put one or more programs you want to distribute.
Then, on the top left, below the word Halion 5, there’s a program loader drop down. To the right of that is a little cube icon. “Create vst content” / “Export Multiprogram as vst sound”. That will do what you are looking for. PLay with it a little bit and you’ll figure the rest out. Good luck.