Disturbing noice from the monitors

I am hearing some disturbing noice from inside my computer coming through both monitors. The ones that I’m using are Truth B2030A. It gets worse when I move things to my second screen. Also when scrolling the noice gets a bit louder and when using the mouse there is a wining sound.

I usually end up using my headphones when creating music, but I would like to use the monitors more since they’re good except for the noice. I suppose there some interference going on and that it has less to do with the actuall monitors.

What could be the problem here? Could it have something to do with the speaker cables?

So when using headphones the cables are going straight to the mixer board. Then from there there are cables going to the monitors. So when using headphones everything is perfectly fine.

Just some thoughts:

  • Are your monitors balanced, if so, is the cable + plugs balanced too?
  • Try your mouse and Kb on other USB ports, if available. Sometimes the USB power being supplied interferes with the audio path (or try a separate USB hub with power supply)

Good luck!

You really don’t give much info for anyone to properly help.
Do you have an audio interface or are you using the built-in audio of the computer?
If the latter, that’s most likely your problem. Also if you’re using an audio card plugged into the motherboard, could be the same problem. Perhaps changing the Interrupt might help. Definitely sounds like an interference from the USB.
Best use an external built for purpose audio interface.

One quick addition into two already great suggestions:

If you are using a laptop computer, try running it on battery power. Power supplies of laptops are known to create unwanted noise into audio.

But as BriHar said: more information on your setup would probably help us on identifying your problem.

Thanks for your answers. Yes, I should have provided more info in my post.

I wich I read the manual properly from the beginning:
“The BEHRINGER TRUTH features one balanced XLR and one balanced 1/4” TRS input.If connecting to other equipment is possible using balanced inputs, always makesuch connections because they offer maximal compensation of disturbing signals."

So for years I’ve been using unbalanced cables and yesterday I switched to balanced cables, and balanced plugs in both ends. Now it’s just perfect, and why didn’t I think of this before!?

As VinnieD pointed out, the thing about balanced vs unbulanced should be the first thing to investigate. At the time of posting I didn’t think of that, so I didn’t provide any information on that in my post.

Hopefully Ptolemy has a lot less than you! I have already forgotten the first items by the time I get halfway through the rest of yours. :wink: