Disturbing trial reminder pop up on RND Portico and Yamaha Vintage


I got 30 days trial licenses for RND Portico Bundle and Yamaha Vintage Open Deck to test voicing on different lines and instruments.
Now every time I open the project, I get many pop ups like “This trial version expires 10 March …” and needs a series of clicks and enters to open the project.

Do you have any idea how to disable this reminder or pop up?

Best Regards

Purchase full license? :confused:

Yes, it works, but that’s not my answer.
I have tested any software or plugin in trial period before buying decision and there have never been these amount of nonsense reminders like these plugins, even on all other Steinberg products.

No idea? Has any other one noticed this issue?

So you want a trial version to stop reminding you that you are running a free trial version? Yeah, I guess that’s a pretty rough thing to deal with.

What exactly is the “issue”?

Not able to read or not able to understand ?

Every time I open the project with these plugins I have to push “Continue” button many times, which is not needed.
It can stop working like any other plugins when the trial period is finished.

In testing environment I want to test plugins with many different tracks and daws, and pushing many buttons every time I open up actually causes never really testing and never really buying.