Dither Options in Wavelab 8

If I wanted to use TPDF dither with an amplitude of two quantization steps, no noise shaping (recommended as the safest dither if the file is possibly subject to further processing after it leaves me - [Wikipedia]), is this type of TPDF available in all of the Wavelab 8 dithers (Wavelab internal, UV22, UV22HR, and MBIT+)? Or do UV22, UV22HR and MBIT+ always use noise shaping?

Hi …

I believe that Mbit+, set with high dither amount and no noise shaping is pure TPDF. What you are searching for.

Thanks Paul. And I just found an old post from PG that says Wavelab Internal dither noise type 1 is flat TPDF.

fwiw, I think I’m wrong about this. Unless it’s reversed in Wavelab, from what I’ve read TPDF is generally Type 2 and RPDF is Type 1.