Dithering Query.


Stage 1. I have Exported/Rendered an audio file from 96k/24bit to 44.1k/16 bit as a new file - dither enabled.

Stage 2. Imported the resultant 44.1k/16bit file and applied Level Normaliser and then Exported/Rendered at the SAME sample/bit rate (44.1k/16bit).

Question: In Stage 2, should I have the dither plug-in enabled again:

a. Only when Level Normalising?
b. Only when Exporting/Rendering?
c. When Level Normalising AND Exporting/Rendering?
d. Neither?

Thanks in advance


Do a search on “Dither” in this forum
best advice is to keep the high resolution, sample rate and word length
to the very final media if possible and do the dithering once
less is more…

regards S-EH

You need to dither whenever you have made a change to the file - the result will be at a higher resolution, and you are then reducing the resolution again, which requires dither.

It makes more sense (as S-EH said) to keep the files in high resolution throughout your work on them, and only reduce, with dither, to generate the final distribution format. But that said, I remember making a classical piano disk which was recorded and processed entirely at 16 bits, with some parts having a total of a dozen or so applications of dither, without noise shaping - and the result was praised by reviewers for its transparency; so my final advice is not to get too worked up about it!