DIV and UNIS disappearing and a2 REPEATING

Hi all.

I wanted to check if anyone has encountered the same problem and if perhaps there is something I ignore that causes the issue.

I absolutely love the CONDENSING option (possibly the biggest feature that does it for me agaist SIBELIUS), however I am encountering a few issues:

I have tried to isolate the passage to upload the score, but often that makes the problem go away - which means there must be a setting ignore, perhaps when forcing CONDENSING CHANGE while ENGRAVING?

  • sometimes in the STRINGS the “div.” and “unis.” does stop appearing automatically. It should be there, but it is not and maybe before it is appearing. Anyone had the same problem? They should be here every time I switch between DIV and UNIS


ScreenHunter 489


ScreenHunter 490

  • Sometimes DORICO adds a “div.” at the start of the page. However, it was already divisi in the previous one:

  • I sometimes get “a2” added to every single not and I have to hide it manually

ScreenHunter 488
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Lollo_12345 I see that nobody has answered. It is always faster and better if you post a Dorico file (cut-out version) that shows the issue with an explication of what you want to achieve, and how you tried to achieve it (the steps to reproduce the issue).
(from looking at the pictures I would say they are non issues or very easy fixable ones, but maybe I am wrong). With a file, we can experiment very fast and give advices.

Hey Christian, yes, I know. I mention in my post that when I try to do that (cutting down the project so I can post it) the issue goes away - that why is pointless for me to post the project.
It must be a simple setting I am missing.

That’s why I am looking for someone that has encountered similar issues.

I will try to cut down the project again, see if I can do it in a way I can keep the problem appearing…thanks!

This is likely to do with the music before and after. Which is why the problem disappears when cutting down the project.

When trying to upload a project, you can try turning the Playback Template to Silent. I think I read that removing unnecessary instruments also helps too.

There will be a point at which you can remove bars without the problem going away and this will help greatly.

This is intended. The same thing happens with a2 unless the instruments are in opposite voices.

This is likely due to a condensing change you already have, but maybe not…

Thanks Daniel. As soon as I find a minute i will try to recreate the issue and see if I manage to send the score…

Feel free to PM me if you want to email the full project.