Div + Arco

When I enter “div.” NotePerformer understands it. I need to tell the basses “arco” and “div.” Is there a neater way to do this than selecting “arco” from the articulations, manually adding “div.” as text, and then dragging them around in Engrave?

I don’t need to split the staff: just add “div.” so it is clear I am not asking for double-stops.

You could create a copy of the “arco” Playing Technique, edit its text to be “div., arco” and use that instead (in this case it would align properly without need to resort to Engrave Mode).
The only problem here is that it would possibly not playback as “div.”, but just as “arco”.
You could work around this by placing a “div.” Playing Technique and then hiding it from view.

Very creative! I did not know I could edit those names and that will be handy often.

As far as playback goes, NotePerformer and VSL seem to playback whatever notes I enter whether I write div. or unis. Ideally, the playback engine would split the number of players per part for div., but it’s not a big deal for my mockups. I don’t split strings into more than two groups and it is usually for just a few bars.

Indeed! Just remember to always edit a copy or to create a new PT!

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This worked perfectly. Tip for those trying this: in the image you will see there is a name field at the top, but putting the name there is not enough. To get this to show up in your articulation list with the name you pick, you have to change the text as shown (white circle).

When you Go to Library | Playing Techniques, you pick the one you want, and then click the icon in the bottom left that looks like two white squares with a plus sign. That is “New from Selection.” In this case, I clicked it to make an exact copy of arco but with a new name: “arco unis.”

After I did that, it was great:

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Bravo Konrad!
If I may suggest one thing: usually the division is written before the specific playing technique.
In this case, “unis.” should go before “arco”. I also add a comma, so “unis., arco”

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Cool. Will rename.

I’d recommend simply using a 2nd voice for the divided part.

stem up on the upper notes, and stem down on the lower note.

rather than have them share stems, which can lead to confusion.

P.S. I also think you meant to write arco div. and not unis. in that last image, because what you have written there IS a double-stop.

no, you don’t.
the name WILL show up correctly if you only insert it in the top box. no need to repeatedly type it into the other boxes.
as soon as you press OK the playing technique will be inserted into your score, and will appear correctly in the list.

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Hmm, I guess I’ll have to try that again:

Yes, that’s not the bar where unis. goes.