Divide Large File into Small Files

Hello All,

I am struggling with a very simple task. I have done it several times in the past but I cannot, for the life of me remember the combination of keys I need to perform it.

A kindly person recorded my wifes choir a week or two ago. Unfortunately the CD he created has only one long large file on it so is pretty unmanageable in the CD player. I downloaded the file from the CD into Wavelab and prepared to split the large file into the individual songs of which it was compiled and from which I could create a montage. My mind was blank ! I could not and still cannot remember or find in the manual the command which places the double line at the cursor in the wave window, which when subsequently pointed at allows you to physically separate the two parts of the file creating small separate files.

Can anyone please remind me of the key sequence. I’d be most grateful.

Thank you,

It´s more comfortable in the Audio Montage, but in both work spaces (Wave / Audio Montage) you can use “CD Track Splice Markers”. I it is only WaveLab Essential 6, you can use the shortcut [s] to split clips in the Audio Montage
(Every split point represents a CD track in WaveLab Essential 6).

Hello Uwe,

Thank you very much for answering my question. I really am getting old ! I feel stupid for not remembering that I have usually worked in the Audio Montage. It makes the whole process so simple. Trouble was I could remember it was simple - but not how to do it ! Now that you have given me the solution I shall have a day away from the snow and the cold and hopefully make my wife happier at the end of the day.

Thank you again for your timely help.

I should do the same.

Hello Uwe,

I hope you too have avoided the snow and the ice. I have spent the whole morning working on the choir CD – progressing fine.

I notice you make the point that it is only in Wavelab Essential 6 that I am able to use the shortcut “S” to break down the large single track files. I was considering upgrading to Wavelab 7 Elements, (the full version is way above my budget) does it have a similar facility ? What might Wavelab 7 Elements have that Wavelab 6 doesn’t have, that as a domestic user, I might find very useful ?

Thanks again, your answer, simple though it might have been, was spot on.