Dividing a long live recording into individual tunes

Hi all
I currently record my band on a Zoom R24. I just switch the R24 to record and let it run for the entire time. And then import the tracks into Cubase as one long continuous recording of 8 tracks

I then go through the recording in Cubase, make a new .cpr file for each tune as I get to it. Then I reopen those files, one at a time to work on it, and delete what’s before and after that particular tune.

Is that how others do it? Or is there another more streamlined method of doing this?

Any tips would be appreciated.



You can use Detect Silence Direct Offline Process to speed it up. You can also use Cycle Markers to marker the songs and then Export Audio Mixdown > Cycle Markers (Cubase Pro only).

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I would :

  1. add a marker track and cycle markers which would separate each tune.
  2. use the Cycle markers option in the File > Export > Audio mixdown > Export range section to separate each tune as individual files
  3. add each cycle marker range in the Export queue section and launch the process:


It’s somewhat dependent on how you intend to use & process the Audio. If you intend on doing the same or similar processing on each song then keeping all the songs in a single Project might work best. Where if each song is going to have its own unique mix then breaking out each song into its own Project could work better. Do you plan on doing overdubs, and if so will they be similar or different for each song? Neither approach is intrinsically better - but they do have different plus & minuses.


Thank you Martin,
Wow I’d never noticed the Detect Silence. Thanks for the tip.

In the short term I think I’ll work with the “Add a marker track” also suggested by cubic13
It’s another feature I’ve never used but would certainly speed things up for me. Even moving quickly within the initial super long tracks.

Thanks again Geoff

Hey Cubic 13
Marker track’s a great Idea and a feature I’ve never used. For starters I’m going to use it, if only to speed up the positions of the different tunes.
Thanks for you help.

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Yea Raino,
I totally agree with what you’re saying. In the short term I’m going to use the marker track as I’ve mentioned in other replies. I’ve never used it, but I can see it being a great help to, at the least, locate and mark all the different song positions.

Thanks for your comments.