Divisi change labels text size and more

I´m a new to Dorico and slowly finding my ways in menus but a few things I can´t find out on my own.

I use a lot of divisi/solo in my scores and how Dorico approaches this is awesome with the temporary extra staffs. However have ran into some troubles with the text sizing.

I´ll attach a page for reference.

How can I change default text size of all divisi change labels? They seem related to Staff label(inner) somehow but size is relatively much smaller. I managed to change the size in “change divisi” dialogue but the also the inner staff label changes in size. So I hide them, BUT the restore unison text “unis.” will not change size?(Look bar 57 compared to 56 in Vln. 1) So I found an option in properties to scale text but that is very cumbersome to do on every place in score. Maybe if you could scale all at once but I cant find out how to select all divisi change labels at once.

Also I can´t find where to erase background of the text. Look bar 54 in viola.

The end of slur from bar 54 in Vln. 1 and 2, second row is missing in bar 55(still no divisi here). Is there any way to make this show or do I have to make a system break before the divisi start?

Welcome to Dorico and to the forum!

Divisi change labels (the ones above the staff) use the Player label paragraph style. You can edit that to change their font size, but this also affects player labels used in condensing. You could also try setting a background colour for that paragraph style, i.e. white.

Slurs: it’s best to position divisi changes before or after slurs.

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Thank you very much!