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I am working on a piece where I have to change some string parts (concescutively) from divisi a3 to divisi a2 and then unison. When condensing the divisi Dorico still notates the a3 on two staves. What am I not getting here?
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We would need to see the file (or a cut-down version of it with only the problematic area) in order to give constructive advice with condensing. For advice how to do that please refer to this post: Four simple guidelines to help us help you - #2

Hi klafkid,

yeah…sorry for not including the file. Here it is…


Divisi problem.dorico (1,5 MB)

If you enter a system break at the spot where it changes from à3 to à2 in the first violins, you’ll see that it will condense all the 3 first violins together, so that’s where the issue lies.
You can force condensation with a manual condensing change, but this will remove the “div. àx” indications, which isn’t ideal either. I haven’t found an option that will achieve what you want automagically.

I am not sure why Dorico behaves this way. My guess is, that it has to do with the fact that the staff of the third divisi is disappearing, but that doesn’t really explain why the condensing works from à2 to unis., tbf


Thanks for your ideas!
I´ve tried the system break method but it won´t work layout-wise because the divisi changes (from 3 to 2 to unison) in the respective groups (violins/violas/celli) occur in different bars…
I will play around with the manual condensing, maybe I can make it work that way.
Also tried another (very crude) method: I kept the divisi a3 even for the divisi a due, filled the third remaining stave with the same note as on the second stave and then just make it disappear in the properties panel. Not too elegant, but it works…

…maybe someone else has a way to make it work properly :wink:



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