Divisi in violins part

Screenshot 2022-03-04 at 20.43.11
Screenshot 2022-03-04 at 20.43.35


Turning pages, new system. What I get in this Violins 1’ part, which features a solo violin and a divisi for the others, looks a bit confusing… and it would be even more if I got rid of the “1.” and “2.” numbers, which I was planning to:

In measure 84, shouldn’t the music go into the lower two staves? Can anybody tell me if this normal?

Thank you

Can you attach a snippet of the project itself (e.g. just the violin part extracted from the main project, and perhaps cut down to just this passage) so we can take a look at it? A polite reminder of how to help us to help you:

Thank you Daniel. I had seen screenshots posted elsewhere until recently, and for this particular issue I thought it would be clear enough. At this point I am not ready to post a project snippet.

You can DM or email a snippet to Daniel if you do not want to post it publicly. Just click on his name in a post to send him a private message.

Thank you Derrek. I’ll see if I can work it out by researching other posts.

I found someone having similar problems with the way staves in divisis are handled Divisi staff labelling & visibility issue

He attached several screenshots that helped us understand the problem. Apparently it’s a known issue that might have been addressed in v4, but I don’t know since I’m still on v3.5.