Divisi/IVP Endpoint setup

I believe I found an issue.

I have divided violincellos and I want IVP in order to route to independent channels. I know how to do this and setup seems fine. The strange thing is, depending on which instrument is highlighted before clicking Endpoint Setup, I get different pre-populated assigned instruments. E.g., having Violin 1 highlighted, the Endpoint setup dialog looks like this:

You can see port 5-1, 5-3, 5-5, 5-7 and 5-9 have assigned instruments with expression maps. Now if I close the dialog and highlight Staff(b) of the divided cellos then reopen the dialog, I see this:

It’s almost like there are 2 different endpoint configurations active. Could this be because I applied an endpoint configuration before clicking IVP? I’m very confused.

Also, Staff (b) doesn’t send any MIDI even though it’s properly routed but I imagine this is probably one and the same issue.

Thanks in advance.

There are 2 endpoint configurations active. When I clicked IVP, another instance of VEPro was opened, tried to connect to same server instance and failed (hence no MIDI output).

I understand what Dorico is trying to do but it’s a bit quirky when working with VEPro in a Playback template.

When you add a new voice and Dorico tries to find an appropriate endpoint for the new voice, it can end up loading a whole new instance of your plug-in (i.e. a new endpoint configuration) because it’s not always as clever as it might be about finding an appropriate slot in the existing one. This is something we hope to improve in future.