Divisi on single staff in score but multiple staves in part?

I have some passages in a project involving divisi for the strings which I have been able to put on a single staff in the score, but for the sake of clarity to the player, I would like to be able to ‘explode’ the divisi to multiple staves in the part.

I’ve tried some experiments, but everything I do to the part alters the score.

Are there strategies for doing this?

What have you tried so far? The designed method is:

  • Create a divisi, which (always) shows as one or more extra staves in Galley View
  • Enter all the lines separately (as you want them to appear in the part)
  • Use Condensing to automatically combine the divisi in the score
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Remember: condensing changes are layout-specific, so you can have condensing behave differently in any layout you create.