Divisi playback, asking for improvements in solo/divisi groups etc

This is a suggestion, but it’s also a request for help (because as sometimes happens, a feature I think it’s missing from Dorico it’s actually there, but hidden to my eyes).

I don’t think divisi works well playback wise, because when you make a divisi, what it does is that it keeps the first staff as the main instrument and then adds (or shares) the second one.

Instead, it should create two new instances in the play mode. One for Divisi 1 and another for Divisi 2. Instances different from the tutti, of course. Also, this would allow to do well the Solo/Gli Altri divisi. This way also would translate better to the DAW.

Divisi works pretty good engraving wise, but it’s not that good in when you have to play it. Unless I’m missing something, which is possible.

May I say that divisi in Dorico is a game changer for me and I really LOVE IT.

The playback template will load an instance for each voice when “Enable independent playback of voices” is enabled. So all you need to do here is change the Division 1 music to a New Upstem Voice, and reload the playback template.

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However, if you do solo vs gli altri, solo is stem 1. Then if you change stem 1 to solo instrument, you’re changing both the solo and the tutti to the solo instrument, which is inconvenient. At least that’s what happened to me trying it.

That’s why I suggested to create different tracks for each divisi. They could be showed in that dropdown menu as well.

You can create different tracks for each divisi by assigning them to new up-stem voices. So instead of changing Voice 1 to solo violin, you change the solo notes to Voice 3.

For a divided violin section, you start with

  • unison: [Write mode] Staff 1, Up-stem Voice 1 (blue) = [Play mode] Up-stem Voice 1, mapped to section violins

and then if you do div. solo/gli altri, you have

  • solo: [Write mode] Staff 1, Up-stem Voice 2 (green) = [Play mode] Up-stem Voice 3, mapped to solo violin
  • gli altri: [Write mode] Staff 2, Up-stem Voice 1 (red) = [Play mode] Up-stem Voice 2 , mapped to section violins


Thank you! I’m glad I asked because it’s not very intuitive (especially because of the naming), but it certainly does the trick. Thank you very much again.

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