Divisi Playback

Dear all,

I’m working on an orchestral score with many soli for the different string section leaders. When I create a divisi staff and add a solo player, the playback still sounds like a tutti… Is this normal?

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In Play mode, expand the player and toggle “All voices.” Then set your channels for each voice and assign those channels to the correct patch in your VST.

Thank you! Does this also apply when I created an extra staff? I’m not working with multiple voices in one staff for this…

Yes, the term “voices” here is referring to how Dorico is treating the divisi from a playback perspective: a single instrument with different voices (just displayed on different staves).

In the gif above, I had created a gli altri divisi in the viola. Dorico calls it “voices.”

Ahhhh! Amazing. Thank you very much!

I’ll piggyback on this thread, since it’s a similar question.

If i have created divisi at one point in the score (and assigned corresponding patches of VST to each voice), is there any way to get the playback back to tutti and full section?

Yes, you can add another voice and use that for the tutti material on the same staff, then route that new voice to the tutti sound in Play mode. However, it’s quite challenging to map the voice numbers you see in Write mode into Play mode, so I apologise in advance for that inconvenience!

Thank you.
Took me some time to figure it out, but now it works.