Divisi Routing?

I have a string orchestra piece I’m writing, and at one section I want the cellos to divisi. One cello staff will play arco con sord and the other will play pizz. However when I do this Dorico isn’t creating a separate channel for the divisi, resulting in both parts playing back in pizz. How do I solve this?
I created this project through the string orchestra preset (did not add the instruments manually to the score)

Enabling independent voice playback (steinberg.help)

This is version 3, but it’s the same for 4.

Ok, I am having trouble finding the Enable independent playback of voices option. I assume it’s under the Play tab?

It’s called IRV.



I’ve been scratching my head over this trying to find the magical set of key strokes that will enable this feature. I’m on 3.5 - here’s what my screen looks like.
Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 16.05.01

Toggle on “All Voices.”

Thanks Dan - I had tried that before to no avail but I must have missed a step somewhere - that did the trick.

From my perspective the problem was a documentation thing. If you hover for a while over that “All Voices” eventually the pop up says "Enable independent playback of voices " - but otherwise there’s no way to tell that. A picture in the documentation would have cleared that up (if it is there I didn’t see it). Perhaps this is cleared up in V 4?

In the 3.5 documentation, it’s labelled here (the functions within the track header are elaborated on towards the bottom, as otherwise just the one image would have got quite messy). The corresponding task doesn’t have a picture of the toggle, which may have been beneficial although its appearance is the same as all the toggles in the Properties panel, but it does at least tell you where to look; and there’s a link at the bottom to the page about instrument tracks which has everything labelled. That’s generally how the documentation works: the specifics of a panel, dialog etc are described on its dedicated page.

Due to the significant changes in this area, there isn’t yet documentation of Play mode for Dorico 4.

Lillie - Thanks for that reference - that’s just what I was looking for. It turns out that I was looking at the 3.1 documentation - but perhaps that picture is also in the 3.1 doc and I just didn’t see it?

Who could say? :smiley:

Hi Lillie - thanks for prompt response! What happened is that I searched for Independent Playback and found this

I then looked for but didn’t find the page with the illustration - but of course now that you’ve pointed it out to me I’m a bit embarrassed - it should have been obvious since it’s in the related links section just below.