Divisi staff labels and a few other issues

So, it’s rare that I have to fight with Dorico, but tonight, I seem to have run into a small handful of problems that I can’t quite figure out. I’ve checked the forum and I can’t seem to find the solutions there either. I suppose it stems from the fact that I’m using the divisi feature to do the whole 2-stave choir to 4-stave choir thing (and I know that really this is a job for the condense feature when it comes, but you know, engraver’s gotta do what engraver’s gotta do).

So… check the three attached pics for the current situation. All of the problems are in the page 3 pic. Here they are:

  1. Is it possible to have the staff labels at the divisi only show on the first system? In the layout options, there seems to be only one checkbox dealing with this, and it seems to be all or nothing, but what I’m going for is to have it be consistent with page 1.

  2. And of course, this next one I figured out just before posting. Nonetheless, I figure I may mention it in case anyone else runs into the issue or in case it’s a bug and it’s helpful to the team. Notice how the Alto and the Bass at the divisi are not filling the partial measure with a rest. I tried a number of things to get it to show, but it didn’t seem to want to. What ultimately worked was inputting a quarter note there and then overwriting it with an explicit rest. To be clear, simply attempting to place an explicit rest there did not work–only overwriting an already existing pitch with an explicit rest. Oh… and you may be wondering if I have “ends voice” checked on the previous downstem note, and I do. But if I don’t, then a rest appears as a lower voice in the top staff and the bottom staff is still blank.

  3. This one’s not nearly as pressing, but there’s no way to manually override which measures get measure numbers, is there? I know you can globally change some things in the layout options, but it doesn’t seem to have what I want. I know it’s slightly unorthodox, but I want the measure number to usually appear at the beginning of the system, unless it’s a partial measure, in which case I want it to appear on the full measure after said partial measure (e.g. measure 36 is good, but I’d like 33 to get a bar number, not the end of 32–even if it’s not quite correct, it’d be a rehearsal time saver. Zero confusion so zero time wasted).

Now, my one thought that I haven’t tried yet, that I may end up going with if there isn’t a solution to #1 is to make page 3 its own flow (or at least duplicate page 3 as its own flow after the first page 3, so that I can keep those lovely little choral divisi arrows on page 2). But barring that, anyone got any ideas?

page 2.JPG
page 1.JPG

Ok, for #1, I thought I had a solution that should work, but it just makes it worse, and I’m wondering if this is intended behavior.

My thought was to add a new divisi event to the second system, then edit the properties of that divisi event so that “Show player or group name” is set to “hide.” If the first divisi event is set to “show” or “follow options” and the layout options are set to “show section names to left of system,” that should work, right?

Not so much…

There will be some more options for the visibility of divisi labels in Layout Options in the forthcoming update that will allow you to do this (i.e. only show the labels when the divisions actually change). For now, you can create another divisi with the same sections somewhere following the start of the first system on the page, and set it to not show any labels; the following system will then show no labels. Do this on the first system, not the start of the second. If this doesn’t work, then please attach the project here.

Thanks for the suggestion, Daniel!

Though it turned out not to work, it did prompt me to randomly click a few other buttons and switches and stumble upon something that did. While setting “Show player or group name” to “Hide” didn’t seem to have any effect, setting “Show section numbers” to “Hide” absolutely did the trick. Incidentally, it also didn’t make a difference whether the divisi was on the first staff or the second; it worked both ways.

Though I have a solution now and am good to go, I’m attaching the project anyways (in its problem state) just in case you’re interested in trying to reproduce the behavior.

Thanks again :slight_smile:
O Savior, Rend the Heavens Wide 0.1.zip (471 KB)

Oh, silly me. I suppose section numbers and staff labels are the same thing in divisi? So, likely, I only did exactly what you suggested I do, insisted it didn’t work, but claimed I had figured it out myself by doing exactly what you suggested I do.

I am smooth :sunglasses: