Is there a way of getting rid of the numbers which Dorico writes into the three staves after a Divisi?

Go to Layout options / Staves and Systems / Staff labels / Show divisi change labels above staves.

You can also hide them within the Divisi dialog itself. Select the flag and press Enter to adjust.

Hi, Rob and benwiggy. Great. Thankyou!

I do not suppose there is a way to change those labels (yet), is there? I was thinking of changing divided choral lines from unis. to together.

Changing the default to/unison indications and Editing divisi change labels

Thank you. I must not have used the correct search terms. :+1:

What search terms did you use?

Certainly “divisi,” possibly “unis” as well (in the web version) and then looking at the alternatives presented. Certainly I passed through the “Divisi change labels” as I recall the diagram. Quite apparently, I never made it to “Editing Divisi Change Labels” until Leo called it to my attention.

Good to know, thanks - the default change is the 3rd result for searching “unis”, which is good, and I’ll make a note to check whether there are keywords for “unis” on the editing divisi change labels topic, and if not to add some. The final sentence (before the tip) of the explanation of divisi change labels does a fair job of pointing the way though, I think - increasingly I do include sentences like that to provide a bridge between “what the thing is” to “separate things you can do with/to it”.

For all this, Lillie, I want to say how many times I search the web help and do find exactly what I need to know. Since you probably hear most about searches that users found unproductive, I want to thank you for the very helpful way the search engine has been structured and your continuing work to improve it further.