DIY website questions

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone have intel on setting up your own website DIY fashion? I have a high level of trust in this group, so I pose the question here in spite of the fact I will not be using it for music, but to promote a little business to make some cash to support up-grading my studio…ah the musical connection in fact has surfaced so this is now legit :laughing:

This is a low budget thing and would be mostly pictures with some script, possible musical background and contact info. It would be used in marketing in two ways:

  1. a creative catalog to point potential customers to showing possibilities and quality.
  2. ( really not near as important) To be search-able for people looking for such a product/service.

While my primary intent is not to promote my music, I do believe that your help in my endeavor may help others to create sites to promote their music services.

Thanks in advance for your help and thoughts.

Warm Regards,

Aloha J,

Many of my podcasts theses days are pushing ‘SquareSpace’.

‘OS Ken’ just today talked about a musician friend who just set up a site
and is even able (with their help) to sell stuff there. (music etc)

Maybe worth a peep. Good Luck!


thanks C.


I use BlueHost. The basic fees are very reasonable. It can get pricey, once you add up all the extras you might need. It has one of the best “downtime” ratios around.