DJ eq don't work on automation cut


how like title my problem is in dj eq…when i write the automation the filter cut start 1/4 after my cut point

is there a way to have cut point sounds right??..this problem is in the program since 6.5 release and i see itsn’t fixed yet…

maybe i do somthing wrong…else…steinberg fix this problem please :slight_smile:


nobody use this effect???

Why i should?

oh my god!!!

to make a filter kick…i can’t belive that steinberg don’t see this bug!!! and continue to upgrade this product!!!

Hi Panox,

I can not find any issue here related to the DJ EQ.

Please provide us with a step-by-step guide in order to reproduce the issue.



hi marcus

sure this is my problem

i make a instrument track with microtonic or bazzism for my kick drum

i put a DJEQ or StudioEQ in insert 1 so, i write my automation line for lowcut…i use lowcut on/off button in the plugin to make this line…

when i play start kick enter and exit from lowcut 1/4 after my drawed line…why???

i only use osx…this problem was in 107 and 10.8,i don’t know in 10.6

thanx a lot


Using it in 10.6.8. No problem here. I use it quite a lot. Have a look at the first page of the track inspector.
Have you set up a delay in there?

no delay on

only 1 kick track with dj eq or studio eq…same problem on macbook pro middle 2011

If the Problem ocourse at all plugins than something in the AutomationSystem might be the Problem…

are you shure that you are don’t doint anything wrong? maybe you tryed it with just one Cycle and have something setten up at the Automation Modes: marge, mix…

Maybe a Generic Remote is controroling something “for you”…

no idea, but you can reset all Cubase settings by renaming the Cubase Perferances Folder or i wret here that you could just drag it on the desktop or somehow in OSX, than start cubase and the default settings are there, or write a detailed manual to re-do the bug…

here a video to explain may problem



it seem problem sloved if using gain autamtion line…with this, line work perfectly…anyway…seem there is a problem on buttons in real time…djeq and studioeq buttons(on/off parameter) don’t work well in real time on my machines…