DJing using Cubase

Hey guys is there a way to DJ using Cubase.
For example in ableton there is “session view” which allows you to play combination of loops and try different stuff out and see what you like and once you are happy with it you can put it in the main project in arrangement view.
Does cubase have a similar thing with this? (maybe in media bay)

I would never use Cubase for a DJ set in its current state.

not so much to DJ but to be able to combine ideas together such as loops, try different stuff out – without having to place it in the arrangement view

I would recommend Loopcloud if you want to put many samples together. It has some nice quick features to switch to the key you are working in etc. You can do 8 samples at once, it even has some nice patterns to quickly preview one-shots

Media bay just does 1 sample/midi file at a time.

You can use plugins to jam on the fly, and drag elements into the timeline and use the arranger functions to jump between sections.

But the biggest problem with using Cubase ‘live’ is the break in playback when you add tracks/inserts etc. It’s just not designed for live use really.

Groove agent can take samples on each pad and you can jam that way with loops, but you’d need to time/bpm correct them first.