DLL management when using a plugin parallel in host DAW and in another plugin in that host

Imagine this case:
User inserts VST3 plugin X in a host DAW.
User inserts modular plugin Y in that same host DAW.
User also inserts plugin X in modular plugin Y.
Issue: As plugin Y cannot know that plugin X was already inserted in the host, InitDll is called a 2nd time for plugin X.
Now user disables/deletes plugin Y in the host, which causes plugin Y to also unload plugin X.
Issue: Plugin Y calls ExitDll for plugin X, which obviously can cause problems for the continued use of plugin X in the host DAW itself.
How to solve these issues when using a VST3 plugin parallel in a host and inside a plugin in that host?

This is currently only solvable by running the plug-ins you will host in your VST3 plug-in in a separate process.

Ok, i understand.
Thanks for your answer Arne.
Kind regards, Jo