DM 2000 remote control


I always used Avid Artists controller for my sessions, but since my beloved Control now died, and I may have the chance to get a DM2k for cheap I have a question regarding the remote protocol.

The manual says it has an “advanced integration”, but since it doesn’t mention the fader behavior specifically:
Does the 2k follow the software selection of channels, or do you have to switch banks manually like MCU/HUI?

I can’t stand the manual bank switching, and before I get the board and it doesn’t support smart selection I would like to clarify this.

Greetings from Germany

Where do you select the faders/channels in the software?
DM2k has 24 channels on a remote fader layer
and this is changeable with bank up and down…

If I chose the remote layer, do I have to switch banks in 24 fader segments, or is the selection of the control surface following the selected channel in Cubase (if I have more than 24 channels in CB)?
Like if the dm2k is controlling channel 1-24 and I click on channel 54 in Cubase, does the selection of the dm2k jump automatically to channel 54 or do I have to scroll bank until I reach channel 54.