DM spdif to analogue doesn't work

MR816 doesn’t monitor spdif input to analogue output 1/2. By design?!


I am using DM, and can enable Monitor (and hear) all inputs (including S/PDIF).

Are you sure about it? I tried it again today with no success.

Well, I have stereo 1/2 (analog) going to my monitors, and the headphone outputs are set to 1/2 stereo. My S/PDIF In comes from a Roland M-1000 (with four other M-1000’s going to it). I can hear all my external S/PDIF synthesizers while monitoring. E.g. having two mono (1/2) and four stereo (3/4, 5/6, 7/8 and S/PDIF, as 11/12) tracks (same setup in VST Connections, except for Outputs which have 1/2 as stereo) and enable monitoring (with DM checked in Device Setup) on all tracks, I hear all inputs without latency in my monitors and headphones (which are set to 1/2).

Maybe this is not they way others are using their MR, but it does work great for me! :slight_smile:

To monitor spdif you have to have it assigned to a stereo bus.

Right… Thanks a lot. Looks like design flow.